Some Import Things Need to Remember

Useful Links for you

HTML emails are not the same as HTML pages, sure you can view them in the browser and they appear fine, email clients are basically all different, some remove things, some don't show things etc It is a great idea to read up on some guidelines, and good practices before you jump in - here are some useful links for you:

NetTuts Article on HTML Email Tips
HTML Mail resources and guides at Campaign Monitor
MailChimp Articles and Resources

Inline CSS Tools


Tips for Your Email Campaign

About the Email Layout Width

The width of an email campaign is very important. You will see that they are "thinner" in width than webpages for a real reason - email clients have a preview window that is generally not as wide as a browser window - guidelines differ wildly, however anywhere between 500 - 650 is acceptable - these templates are all 620px.

About the media file

Do not attempt to place flash media or video in your emails - most email clients will not display this information at all. Also javascript will be disabled no doubt so no fancy drop downs, menus or galleries.