Installation Guide

Very easy to install

Install the builder is very easy, only thing you should do is to upload the right folder into your web server, then you can use it.

Host it on your own webspace ( Template builder need php server )

Upload both [ digith_template_builder ] and [ html ] folders into your webspace (make sure all required images stay available until your recipients will read the newsletter).

You can do this via a FTP software, for example, creat a folder named [ newsletter ] in your server, and then upload the 2 folders( [ digith_template_builder ] and [ html ] ) into the [ newsletter ], like bellow:

Visit your template builder to creat your own page

Now you can visit the template builder to creat your own page, the path will be [ http://youruploadpath/newsletter/digith_template_builder/index.html ], make sure your web server support php file.

Ok, you get it works, so easy, please enjoy it!

If template builder can not work , please click FAQ to see the help file.